Transportation and Traffic Issues

EPOA works with the Encino Neighborhood Council and the office of our City Councilmember on transportation and traffic issues. If you have an issue in your neighborhood let us know at

Proposed Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project

Alternatives under study and environmental review include:

1. ELEVATED TRACKS about Sepulveda Boulevard which would create significant impacts on Encino and Sherman Oaks residents

2. UNDERGROUND Subway through Sepulveda corridor but unanswered questions as to funding

3. MONORAIL above 405 Freeway

Public comment can be made at:

Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project

EPOA will be considering the proposed alternatives and advocate for Encino residents.


Enforcement of Anti-Gridlock on Ventura Boulevard

EPOA wants the City to enforce its anti-gridlock No Parking restrictions during peak hours on Ventura Boulevard. The Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently not citing violators and not having vehicles towed which can cause a backup of traffic. The worst violator is the City itself! There is not supposed to be any repairs or other work done on Ventura Boulevard before 9:00 AM – yet City officials allow it! This must stop.


Councilmember Nithya Raman